I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.

Hi! 我是 Richthofen 。这个拗口的名字其实来自德文(反正我自己也不太会念),我猜应该有不少人也叫过这个名字,比如某个一战中的德国飞行员。我是初中的时候知道的他的故事的,那之后在网络空间里我就一直用这个名字了。我之前在好几个城市生活过,比如重庆、新加坡、奥斯陆、和匹兹堡。眼下正往西雅图那边搬。

我目前在 AWSλ 搬砖敲代码。在来美国之前我在新加坡 Sea 搬过一阵子砖,做过一些东南亚区域性跨好几个国家和地区的系统平台项目,还挺喜欢的。在公司技术选型跟着团队走,私底下还是习惯用动态语言,比如到处被人喷的 Python 我就觉得挺顺手的。


Hi! I am Richthofen. It is a German name, known for the Red Baron (der Rote Baron) back in the WWI. The first time I knew about this name and the story of behind it was during my secondary school, and it has been my nick name on the cyberspace since then. I used to live in Chongqing, Singapore, Oslo, Pittsbugh; and now I moving to Seattle area.

As a profession, I am a software engineer at AWS working on Lambda. Before moving to the US I worked in the Infrastructure Development team at Sea. Back then I was dealing with servers and clusters of servers most of the time. I code in a few langagues, yet I am a Python guy.

Apart from coding, I watch movies, work in theatres, and roam around places.