Me² VS He²

Artistic Supervisor

When memories fade away, and vows are erased, people may hardly recognised who they were. After 9 years apart, a business merge negotiation gather a couple, with different political and cultural ba...

Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land

Artistic Supervisor

Reinterpreting the contemporary classic Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land based on the original scripts 30 years ago, the play makes laughters and tears about the concept of misplacement. ...

Romulus the Great

Lead Cast · Assistant Director

Romulus, the very last emperor of Roman Empire, chooses to exterminate this corrupted supremacy and the sinful throne he sits on by setting no defence against the German troops but feeding chicken....

Mumble Jumble

Assistant Director

People nowadays are mindless, pointless mobs: we are not sure about what we need, where to go, how we feel and who we are. Mumble Jumble depicts an allegorical crowd image for our absurd modern soc...

The Pillars of Society

Director · Script Adaption · Stage Designer

Adapted from the Ibsen’s controversial script from 19th Century, The Pillars of Society is a play about positions and choices. Bernick, the most respected entrepreneur in a remote town of Norway ha...

Ménage à 13

Assistant Director · Cast Ensemble Lead

The play discusses about the most pervasive yet uninterpretable thing in the modern world: love. Based on Stan Lai’s renowned scripts and the real incident occured in late 20th Century Taiwan, Mén...